Hello! Thank you for your interest!


Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in commissioning me! :)SLOTS: closed

Types of Commissions

please read before commissioning!

- I reserve the right to post the commission on social media. And as an artist, I am free to use the commission in my portfolio, print it or distribute it to sales, and use it in self-promotion.
- Commissions are for personal use only, you cannot sell or reproduce. (DM me for commercial details and rates!)
- Please credit me if you share it publicly.
- I will send you a sketch of the piece before I proceed to complete it. You may request for minor changes during the 'sketching stage.' But there will be no further changes after that stage. (except for background colours and effects, etc.)
How to Order
- Please DM your request via Instagram or email [email protected].
- I will then send you an invoice via Email (please provide me with your email!) --> Once your payment is approved, I will proceed with the commission!~)
- Please provide high quality reference photos to ensure best results possible!
- Depending on my schedule and the complexity of the commission, it can take 1-2 weeks for me to complete after payment. I will email you the final drawing! (I could also provide process pictures if you'd like)
Must pay FULL AMOUNT upfront through Paypal (USD). I will send you an invoice!

Food Painting

*Please make sure that you have read the commissioning terms and conditions before you go ahead with your request!Price: $80+ USD

The price depends on how detailed your requested food item is and how long it will take me to finish it. I will quote you a price beforehand to confirm if it is alright!


*Please make sure that you send a high-quality reference photo before hand so that I can reference it whilst working on your commission so that I can make sure that the colours and textures are similar.

Art Consultation/ Commercial

If you'd like to commission something that you would like to use commercially/ own entire rights of the complete artwork created for you, please get in contact with me to discuss what you are looking for.

- My starting consultation/sketch fee is $50. Once I get an understanding of what you're looking for I will provide you with sketches. (This fee is treated as a deposit)
- Once we agree on a design, I will quote you an estimated price and include a timeline on the actions needed to take in the creation process to bring your vision to life.
- If you do choose to not carry on with the commission, please let me know and you are free to take my ideas and sketches with you.
- Please DM your request via Instagram or email [email protected].